Saturday, July 23, 2016

Bar Trivia Game Shows In Cleveland Increase Revenue

Summer is all about Fun.  Although, not all bars are experiencing the volume of business they hoped for this year.  If your bar is experiencing a summer slump and you want to get folks back in the door - Game Show Funatics has an entertainment option for you.  Our "Head to Head" Trivia Game Show is NOT your typical "take a written test" type of game where teams get one question to answer every 15 minutes.  Yikes!  Boring...

We offer an interactive, comedy infused Trivia Game that involves all of your guests, keeping them engaged and most of all challenging their IQ.  It's a Win!Win! Your patrons win prizes and you win customers.  So, if Karaoke is making your ears bleed and your DJ is putting you to sleep - Call Cleveland's Game Show Funatics today at 440-526-9216 to get out of that slump.

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